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Manufacturing Process

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Steps of manufacturing process at SWASTIK:

1. Stage Inspection at all manufacturing stages, as per Standard/ Approved Quality Plan.

2. For welded construction Welding & Qualification of Welder & Procedure as per ASME Sec.

3. L P test after welding.

4. Ultrasonic Tested –seams, if necessary.

5. All Butt Weld Joints Radiographic tested.

6. Fabricated structures are Stress Relieved from heavy weldment.

7. All components (Forgings, Castings, Fabricated components) sand blasted before machining.

8. Surface protection from corrosion is done as per approved drawing & Standard/ Approved Quality Plan.

9. Pressure test of Shell, Seat, Cooling & Heating Jacket.

10. Endurance Test / Life Cycle Test- can be shown on special request.

11.Low temperature and High Temperature Functional Test.

12. Final Test- Dimensional & Operational

13. Well documented reports right from raw material stage –stretching through-out the various stages of manufacturing process till dispatch.

14. Periodical approval by external and internal auditors.